Sujjest is now on the App Store and Google Play

We’re happy to announce today that iPhone and Android users can use Sujjest as a native app! As always, Sujjest remains totally free to download and use. Both apps now offer the same fully-featured mobile experience, which includes receiving notifications whenever someone invites you to make a group decision and when friends add options and […]

How to Use Sujjest

This step-by-step illustrated guide explains how to make group decisions using Sujjest, thoroughly detailing all the major actions you’re likely to take. Create a prompt In Sujjest, every group decision begins with a prompt. A prompt is a question or subject that participants respond to by suggesting options and voting. For example, “Where should we […]

The Race of Options: Deciding by Democracy

In our last post, we looked at a couple common general-purpose messaging apps and saw that when it comes to making decisions and plans as a group — and keeping track of those plans once you’ve made them — you’re better off using an app specifically built for the job: Sujjest. This time, we’ll see what […]


For better or worse, the periphery of your social circle would likely drift off without social media. For closer friends, every medium we connect through either supplements time spent in person or is a means to finding time together. As a supplement, socializing online and on apps can enrich our lives. However, in terms of enabling […]