Seeing friends shouldn’t be a chore

A few years ago, we decided to find an easier way to make plans with friends. Up until then, we were using email, text, and various social media platforms to coordinate. But using those platforms to gather everyone’s preferences made the whole process a lot of work. As planners, we needed to kick the conversation […]

How Commander Keen led us to Sujjest Lunch

When I was young, one of my favorite things to do was go to Computer City with my dad down by the mall. We would do that bonding thing, drool over the new tech, and walk away with a copy of the latest PC Gamer Magazine. Then on the way home I was always bouncing […]

Sujjest is now on the App Store and Google Play

We’re happy to announce today that iPhone and Android users can use Sujjest as a native app! As always, Sujjest remains totally free to download and use. Both apps now offer the same fully-featured mobile experience, which includes receiving notifications whenever someone invites you to make a group decision and when friends add options and […]

Our First Big Presentation: Minnedemo 30

Let me set the scene. I’m standing center stage at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis before a crowd of over 700. Moments earlier, event sponsors and MCs were helping us stall for time. Sol’s laptop — from which we intended to project our demo — was inexplicably refusing to connect to the WiFi. Cold sweat […]

My Baby and My Startup: 8 Ways They’re Alike

How is beginning a startup like raising a baby? I’m trying to do both at the same time! The picture above is my daughter, Miryam. She’ll be 9 months old soon. My startup Sujjest is 2 years along now and our app will be out this spring. While Sujjest might not be as cute as […]


For better or worse, the periphery of your social circle would likely drift off without social media. For closer friends, every medium we connect through either supplements time spent in person or is a means to finding time together. As a supplement, socializing online and on apps can enrich our lives. However, in terms of enabling […]

What’s the easiest way to make a group decision that reflects everyone’s interests?

A few years ago, collectively frustrated with trying to plan get-together details by email, text, and social media, a couple friends and I set out to come up with a better way to make group decisions. As a result, we developed an app: Sujjest. Now that Sujjest is nearly ready for beta release, we’re excited […]