How to Use Sujjest

This step-by-step illustrated guide explains how to make group decisions using Sujjest, thoroughly detailing all the major actions you’re likely to take. Create a prompt In Sujjest, every group decision begins with a prompt. A prompt is a question or subject that participants respond to by suggesting options and voting. For example, “Where should we […]

Release announcement

Sujjest is out! If you’ve been following our posts on this blog, you know that we designed Sujjest as a way to collaborate on get-together details and make all sorts of group decisions by voting. Now that the app is ready to use, we’ll see how well it fulfills that purpose! Sujjest is available for free on all devices as a web […]

The Company We Keep: How Social Life Changes Over Time

In a recent infographic, we showed that we spend less time with friends as we age despite wanting more time with them. Could we change that? And if we could, then should we? Here, we’ll provide further context for that data and see what conclusions it might support. Friends are one among several categories of people […]


For better or worse, the periphery of your social circle would likely drift off without social media. For closer friends, every medium we connect through either supplements time spent in person or is a means to finding time together. As a supplement, socializing online and on apps can enrich our lives. However, in terms of enabling […]

What’s the easiest way to make a group decision that reflects everyone’s interests?

A few years ago, collectively frustrated with trying to plan get-together details by email, text, and social media, a couple friends and I set out to come up with a better way to make group decisions. As a result, we developed an app: Sujjest. Now that Sujjest is nearly ready for beta release, we’re excited […]