A better way to decide “Where for lunch?”

Variety is the spice of life, they say …but people’s spice-tolerance varies! Some crave novelty while others aspire to be regulars. And one person’s comfort food may be another’s indigestion. Picking a place to eat together — a process many of us go through every weekday with colleagues — can get annoyingly complicated by diverse […]

How to Use Sujjest

This step-by-step illustrated guide explains how to make group decisions using Sujjest, thoroughly detailing all the major actions you’re likely to take. Create a prompt In Sujjest, every group decision begins with a prompt. A prompt is a question or subject that participants respond to by suggesting options and voting. For example, “Where should we […]

Our First Big Presentation: Minnedemo 30

Let me set the scene. I’m standing center stage at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis before a crowd of over 700. Moments earlier, event sponsors and MCs were helping us stall for time. Sol’s laptop — from which we intended to project our demo — was inexplicably refusing to connect to the WiFi. Cold sweat […]

Release announcement

Sujjest is out! If you’ve been following our posts on this blog, you know that we designed Sujjest as a way to collaborate on get-together details and make all sorts of group decisions by voting. Now that the app is ready to use, we’ll see how well it fulfills that purpose! Sujjest is available for free on all devices as a web […]

My Baby and My Startup: 8 Ways They’re Alike

How is beginning a startup like raising a baby? I’m trying to do both at the same time! The picture above is my daughter, Miryam. She’ll be 9 months old soon. My startup Sujjest is 2 years along now and our app will be out this spring. While Sujjest might not be as cute as […]