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Polls can be a super effective way to let your readers easily share what they like, while giving you a picture of how they feel about a topic. They’re also a fun way for the community that’s centered around your content to self-reflect and feel a sense of belonging.

But are they driving site page views or converting visitors into customers?

Often, polls result in plenty of responses but that’s where the party ends. Why? Here are a few reasons:

    • Many users disengage once they’ve answered a poll.
    • No callouts for diving deeper into our content.
    • Nothing draws them back to our content or the poll later.
    • Visually, polls can be boring.

Introducing the ConnectPoll

Below is a Harry Potter Book poll!

ConnectPoll is meant to serve as a realtime approval poll with a ranked list interface.

Try tapping those face icons to show support. Whenever anyone votes in the poll, the option icons along with their vote counts move to reflect those changes.

You can also tap option pictures or their current ranking on the left which takes you to deeper option content. These could be product descriptions, purchase flows, or whatever other links you may want.

Now you have something more than a poll, you have live ranked resources.

Beyond letting you add pictures and links to each option, this polling experience is uniquely dynamic, displaying votes in real time, right as they come in! That’s perfect for blogs with large followings, where the poll visualizes a lively rush of simultaneous interactions, like a big multiplayer game.

Ready for ConnectPolls?

To offer this enhanced polling experience, we’re building a plug-in that you can embed in blog posts and site pages. These polls will be highly customizable, easy to configure, and we’ll provide all the realtime voting services you need.

By bringing realtime multimedia possibilities to the options of a highly-configurable poll, you can create a delightful way for your followers to contribute and engage with the questions you care about.

What’s your vision for a great custom poll? Are you interested in being one of our first free trial customers? Shout out in the comments or via email:

PS. Want another example of ConnectPoll in action? Check out on

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