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Variety is the spice of life, they say …but people’s spice-tolerance varies! Some crave novelty while others aspire to be regulars. And one person’s comfort food may be another’s indigestion.

Picking a place to eat together — a process many of us go through every weekday with colleagues — can get annoyingly complicated by diverse food preferences. While it’s good to have a diversity of tastes and restaurant options, the way we pick where to eat together could be improved.

This summer, the three of us behind Sujjest (Sol, Kjell, and Jeff) are releasing a new flavor of our app, Sujjest Lunch, designed specifically to give you and your friends or colleagues a quicker and more inclusive way to decide that recurring question, “Where for lunch?”

The biggest difference that Sujjest Lunch brings to the table is in how you invite people to decide with you—by sharing a link.

You can drop a lunch link in an email, Slack channel, group text, in WhatsApp or a Facebook group . Wherever you’re already talking, just share the link to let people participate. There’s no need to sign up for an account, confirm an email, or any of that.

Suggesting lunch options and tapping the restaurants you like toward the finish line is an easy way to quickly get input and see what food everyone’s in the mood for. So drop a couple lunch links to your lunch crew this week and let us know if Sujjest helped you agree on a good spot!

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