We’re happy to announce today that iPhone and Android users can use Sujjest as a native app! As always, Sujjest remains totally free to download and use.

Both apps now offer the same fully-featured mobile experience, which includes receiving notifications whenever someone invites you to make a group decision and when friends add options and leave comments.

You can now vote on the details of your next get-together on whatever device you choose, moving seamlessly between the native app on your phone and a browser tab on your laptop.

Here are the links to Sujjest on the App Store and on Google Play.

And of course, it’s still easy to sign up and start using Sujjest online at https://www.sujjest.com/app/login?form=signup.

Please let us know if you have any questions about Sujjest or would like to share your experience using the app — we’re continually trying to make Sujjest more useful and we rely on your feedback to improve it. Send your comments to admin@sujjest.com or tweet to us at @sujjestion.

Thanks for reading!

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