This step-by-step illustrated guide explains how to make group decisions using Sujjest, thoroughly detailing all the major actions you’re likely to take.

Create a prompt

In Sujjest, every group decision begins with a prompt.

A prompt is a question or subject that participants respond to by suggesting options and voting.

For example, “Where should we meet for dinner?”, “When to have the family reunion”, or “Next book for our book club”.

A good prompt makes it clear what kind of options you’re calling for and will inspire participants to brainstorm and suggest attractive possibilities.

To create a new prompt, tap the prompt composer, type in a prompt, then hit enter or the send arrow to begin the session.

Invite people

Every decision in Sujjest is a group decision. Everyone can invite others to help make the decision, so whoever initiates the session isn’t necessarily expected to invite everyone else to the group or “lead” the session.

To open the invite panel, tap the big plus to the right of the participant list.

If no contacts are listed in the invite panel yet or if you wish to invite a contact who is not listed you can type their email and then tap the plus icon to add them to the list of participants.

If you signed up for Sujjest through Google, your contacts will appear in the invite panel. When you tap a contact that isn’t on Sujjest yet, they’ll be added to the participant list and will receive an invitation to participate by email.

It’s a good idea to only invite people you think are likely to participate in the group decision, otherwise you may end up with too many unresponsive participants to decide effectively together. It’s sometimes best to invite a smaller group of engaged people, then invite the rest to join in once a plan is in motion.

Suggest an option

Anyone invited to help make a decision may add options—it’s not necessary for one person to make all the suggestions.

To suggest an option, tap the option addition icon or the hint text “Suggest an option” beside it. Type a title for the option, then submit it by hitting enter or tapping the option addition icon again. Your option will show up under the prompt, on the race track where the option competition takes place.

Vote on options

With Sujjest, you can vote as many options as you like toward the finish line. Just tap the option’s icon to move it a step closer to the finish line.

The option icons that face you are the options that you haven’t approved yet. When you approve an option, its icon will turn to face the finish line and it will move a step closer to it. You can see how many people have voted for an option by which step it’s on.

If you tap an option that you’ve already approved, your vote will be removed and the option icon will move one step back from the finish line. Options you suggest start out with your vote. If you tap an option that no participant besides you has approved, a dialog will come up to confirm that you wish to delete the option.

Move the finish line

Just as the position of an option tells you how many people have voted for it, the position of the finish line shows how many votes are needed for an option to win, becoming the group decision. And just as everyone in the group has equal control over the position of each option, everyone in the group has equal control over the position of the finish line.

The finish line always starts just below the rightmost step of the racetrack, meaning that everyone in the group would need to agree to get an option across it. Everyone may lower the finish line one step, which allows the group to decide with fewer of the participants in agreement on an option.

When you tap the finish line, it moves a step closer to all the options and if you’ve already moved the finish line closer, tapping it again raises it a step.

If there are multiple prompts and option races going on at the same time in a session, you’ll see that the number of votes for an option to win any prompt in that session is the same across all of its prompts, so that when you tap the finish line, you change its position for all the undecided prompts.

Decide as a group

A group decision may be made either by tapping an option over the finish line or by lowering the finish line over an option.

If there are multiple prompts and option races going on in a session at the same time and the prompts each have options on the step just below the finish line, then tapping the finish line down may result in multiple group decisions made at once.

Add a related prompt

Sessions begin with one prompt, but participants can decide more than one prompt together during a session. For example, after deciding “Where to go for dinner” a group might want to decide “What time.” A related prompt can be added at any point, whether the first prompt has been decided or not.

To add a related prompt, tap the menu control in the upper right corner and choose “Add related prompt”.

An area for submitting a related prompt will appear where you can type in the related prompt’s title, then tap “Submit.”

Agree to a decision the group made without you

The prompts within a session are always logically related. For example, if you didn’t vote for the winning option in “Where to go for dinner”, then you’ll need to agree to the restaurant the group chose before you can help them decide “Meet when?”

This keeps people on the same page, so your group won’t end up with some participants agreeing to one decided detail but not another, creating confusion about who’s really down with the whole plan.

When the group decides on an option that you didn’t vote for, or if you’re invited to a group that’s already made one or more decisions already, you’ll see a check box beside the decision(s) that you may check if you agree.

If you don’t agree, you’ll still be able to comment and view any related decisions that the group might be making.

See which options a participant voted for

Sometimes you’re curious what options a friend has approved. Knowing what they support may be relevant to which options you go with.

You’ve already seen that when you vote on an option or move the finish line, the participants that have approved and moved it are highlighted and circled in the participant list.

You can also directly see every option a participant voted for at once by tapping and holding your finger on their participant icon (or click and hold with the cursor on devices that do not have touch screens). This action will colorize all the options the participant has approved.

Upload a profile picture

When you first sign up for Sujjest, your participant icon will only have your initials displayed in it by default.

To upload a profile picture, navigate to your profile page. If you are currently viewing a session, tap the back button to return to the index, then on the index, tap your participant icon in the prompt composer.

On your profile page, on mobile you’ll see an “EDIT” button on top of your participant icon.

To reveal the EDIT button on devices without touch screens, hover your cursor over your participant icon.

Tap the EDIT button and you will be able to choose a photo from your device.

While on your profile page, at the top right you’ll see a menu control (the 3 vertical dots ⋮ ) with additional actions you can take. These actions include the ability to update your name, change your highlight color, and log out.

That concludes our how-to guide!

If you have questions about these actions, navigation, or any other features of Sujjest, don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter @sujjestion, or by email Now that you know all the ins and outs of making group decisions using Sujjest, you can sign up and start using it!

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