Lifelong friends and cofounders of Sujjest: Sol DeLeon, Jeff Cole, and Kjell Hansen.

A few years ago, collectively frustrated with trying to plan get-together details by email, text, and social media, a couple friends and I set out to come up with a better way to make group decisions. As a result, we developed an app: Sujjest. Now that Sujjest is nearly ready for beta release, we’re excited to see if you find it useful!

We learned, by conducting some surveys,¹ that while most people’s preferred way to decide what to do as a group was to just “Talk things over until it sounds like a plan”, their top difficulties making those decisions on current tools were “Too much messaging back and forth” and a hard time coordinating friends’ preferences.

Such problems are endemic to chat systems, but most people haven’t experienced a better alternative. We believe that better alternative is Sujjest.

The more people start to use Sujjest, the more we’ll have cause to post here. Thank you for being present at this beginning and for taking interest in what we’ve made. Once the beta is released and we’ve gotten the word out, our next step will be listening to your feedback. You can tweet to us @sujjestion or email If you’d like to be one of the first people to use Sujjest, please add your email to our wait list at

1.We’ll share our full survey results in a future post!

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